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February, 2015

  • 26 February

    What you need to know about the population in India

    India Population 2015

    Current Population of India 1,277,511,867 (1.27 billion) as on 25 Feb 2015 Total Population of the Male’s 665 822 505 –  ( Feb 26 2015) Total Population of the Female’s 623 715 479 –  ( Feb 26 2015) Sex Ratio 930 females to 1000 males Literacy 74.04% Population of India 2013 ...

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  • 22 February

    The vibrant colors of Indian festivals

    Festivals of India - Indian Festivals - Festivals in India

    India is a land of myriad cultures, languages, religions and beliefs which is why there is such a large number of festivals celebrated in this country. Each of these Festivals of India has a different connotation and meaning which is usually religious in its nature. However, we can say that ...

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  • 20 February

    Enhance the quality of your life with sports

    Sports in India

    As the old adage goes – All work and no play make Jack a dull boy – and nothing can be farther from the truth. This is especially so in the modern times when lives have become excessively sedentary. Most of the work that a person does in the professional ...

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  • 17 February

    The importance of proper insurance in modern life

    Importance of Insurance

    Life is full of uncertainties and one is always worried about what the future holds. Most wise people try their best to prepare for the unforeseen future and protect themselves against unpleasant surprises. This is the reason that most people nowadays are opting for some kind of insurance or the ...

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  • 15 February

    Travel to the historical places in India and enrich your soul

    Taj Mahal - Historical Place of India

    Long ago in the times when modern means of transport were not invented, travel to foreign lands was extremely difficult. It not only took a long time – sometimes days and even months – to travel from one city or country to another, it also was fraught with danger. The ...

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